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Joomla! maintenance

A website should be alive - your website should be dynamic and be kept up to date. Changes in rates should be easily adapted and, of course, you’ll want to tell your customers about new developments as soon as possible. Maintenance includes regular changes in texts, refreshment of photo’s and a check on external links. With the Joomla! Content Management System you can manage your website yourself, without additional software or technical knowledge. After completion you will receive a unique password to log in to your own website. You can then modify existing pages, but you can also add new pages without limits.

Do it yourself or outsource?

You could make the decision to outsource the management of your website. We offer the option of an annual maintenance contract at a predetermined hourly rate. We will do a technical scan from a maintenance point of view to see what we can do for you. Then we’ll analyse the current content of the site, make an inventory of your requirements and discuss new ideas. The frequency of maintenance will be based on your needs. Whether you need a one-time update or weekly, monthly or even daily updates, there are possibilities to suit every situation.

Always up-to-date and secure

If you have a maintenance contract, we create a full backup of your website at least once a week, install system updates, and we keep a constant eye on your website performance and accessibility.