MWebs Internet Concepts

Joomla! webdesign

Strength by simplicity, that is MWebs’ philosophy when it comes to designing and developing websites. It is vital that your message is quickly and clearly understood by your customers. Internet is, after all, a fleeting medium.

The average visit to a website lasts no longer than several minutes or even seconds. So there is only a short time to catch the attention of the visitor. We build websites with the visitor in mind, with clear, intuitive navigation and no more than 2 to 3 clicks to get to the essence of your message.

You personal Joomla! Content Management System

All our websites are built on the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS) platform. With this system you can manage the contents of your own website without additional software or technical knowledge. After completion you will receive a unique password to log in to your own website. You can then modify existing pages, but you can also add new pages without limits.

The advantages of Joomla! at a glance

  • English interface or in another language of your choice
  • No other software needed, access via your usual Internet browser
  • Online maintenance, from every computer with an Internet conncetion
  • No need for HTML or programming knowledge
  • Additional pages without limits
  • Possibility to create additional menu items yourself
  • Multi user access
  • Search engine friendly
  • Possibility to install additional extensions

Search Engine Friendly websites

The design and development of your website is one thing. But how can you make sure that your website will be found amongst millions of others? Most internet users make use of search engines as a starting point for finding an answer to their question. Google is the most popular search engine by far.

When we build your website we’ll ensure that it is search-engine optimised. This means improving the chance that you will end up on page one of the search results. We’ll advise you on the use of key words, and for a small fee, we’ll submit your website to the most popular search engines. We’ll also make a list of relevant websites on which you could put a (free) link to your site. The more your site appears with a link on external websites, the better the chance of a high search engine ranking.